Athens Protocol – the latest method of keratoconus treatment

atenski protokol

Athens Protocol – the latest method of keratoconus treatment

Athens Protocol is a procedure for keratoconus treatment – the latest method that stops the progression of the disease.

Keratoconus is a degenerative progressive disease of the front part of the cornea. In keratoconus, the cornea is thinned, irregular and weakened, resulting in increased refractive error and irregular astigmatism.

The very cause of this disease is unknown to this day. There are certain speculations, but much more often it occurs in the family, and is attributed to genetics.

It is most common among young people and this is the most sensitive period, because in these circumstances the disease is often progressing rapidly.

The inventor of the Athenian Protocol is A.J. Kanellopoulos.

After his innovation in the area of ​​keratoconus  treatment of, this method is being used in Greece, and according to Professor Kanellopoulos’s research, it has reduced the need for corneal transplantation for about ninety percent!


Aims of the Athenian Protocol

The aim of the Athenian protocol is the normalization of the corneal surface, which corrects the refractive error and irregular astigmatism, and consequently stops the progression of the disease.

The Athenian Protocol consists of three important steps.

The first part of the therapeutic procedure is phototherapeutic keratectomy in which the epithelium is removed and corneal surface regularized.

The second step of the Athenian protocol is topographic-guided ablation by which the micro-irregularities on the corneal surface are corrected with the excimer laser.

The final step is corneal cross-linking as a standard method that stops the progression

of keratoconus. The aim of this step is to increase the collagen covalent bonds

which are actually responsible for mechanical stability. During the corneal cross linking, riboflavin is applied which has the task of absorbing UV radiation.


Individual planning

The Athenian Protocol is designed individually for each of the keratoconus patients

According to the parameters that are obtained during a detailed exam.

The surgery itself is completely painless; local anesthetic is applied to the patients eye throughout the procedure as needed.

The Athenian protocol including patient preparation takes about two hours. After the surgery the patient  goes home with prescribed therapy (eyedrops), and rests for three days until first postoperative control.

Patients usually return to most of their activities very soon, depending on

working conditions, and in agreement with the ophthalmologist.


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