Newest laser eye surgery methods available!

Newest laser vision correction method Contura Vision now available in Croatia!


Laser vision correction area is constantly developing by introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods and procedures. We present to you Contura Vision – new definition of „vision quality“ in Knezović Ophthalmology Polyclinic.

It’s about newest method of laser diopter removal, which is carried out in only few centers in the world. Laser diopter removal individual approach is created combining Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Hz precision and speed with Wavelight Topographer accuracy.

Since every cornea has its own individual characteristics (like fingerprint), this method is highly adjusted to each patient and programmed to remove diopter in the best way.

Although current methods of laser visual corrections were providing incredible precision and accuracy to the patients, Contura Vision takes laser visual correction to even higher level.

Contura Vision uses advanced computer diagnostic possibilities to identify and detect curvature of Corneal surface, that way enables more precise focus and often several times better visual acuity than before operation, with glasses and lenses. Three-dimensional topographic map allows insight in all irregularities of cornea, form, thickness, refraction and aberrations of higher order.

Wavelight corneal topographer can accurately detect 22 000 cornea curve points, so treatment could be individually adjusted, which neutralizes aberrations of higher order on cornea. Treatment is performed on visual axis, considering individual differences of each patient, thereby providing better results than standard LASIK.

Procedure has also shown statistically significant reduction of visual symptoms related to LASIK, such as flashes, light sensitivity, reading difficulties and night driving difficulties

In Knezović Polyclinic we do Contura Vision operations on new generation femtosecond laser (femto LASIK), instead of mechanical knife, as is the case with classic LASIK operation.

In order to assess if person is candidate for Contura Vision method laser diopter removal, it’s necessary to get done preoperative preparation and consultation with a doctor Igor Knezović