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Laser removal of the diopter– dr. Knezovic implemented the no-cut method by prof. Pallikaris in Croatia. This method has many advantages over LASIK method, because it doesn’t weak the retail tissue, it does not cause any damage on lacrimal film, it doesn’t cause „aberrations of high order “, respectively, the „eqotic“ dioptry. Unlike the PRK method, during the surgery, alcohol is not used and it has lower likeness to cause haze. After the operation, you cannot see that the surgery has been done, because the eye looks untouched.

Professor Pallikaris did the first LASIK surgery ever, and he is the winner of great number of awards and recognitions on international level.

Laser diopter removal – dr. Knezovic implemented the use of Carriazo pendular microkeratome in Croatia. Dr. Knezovic was educated in Cenro Oftalmologico Carriazo – the referent education center of famous German company Schwind in Colombia, at the inventor of pendular microkeratome dr. Carriazo.

KARATE CHOP METHOD (Cataract surgery)

UV cataract surgery – dr. Knezovic implemented the Karate chop method of cataract surgery in Croatia. This method has a very mild effect on human eye, because it releases the minimum od UV energy during the surgery. The operation itself is proceeded endoscopically, at 2.2mm, with no injections, in ambulance, and it’s painless. The man who invented this method, a famous innovator in ophthalmology, professor Agarwal, has personally trained dr. Knezovic.

Prof.Agarwal and dr. Knezovic in Chennai, India

Dr. Knezovic operates in India

ATHENS PROTOCOL Keratoconus treatment

Healing of keratoconus- dr. Knezovic implemented the Athens protocol in Croatia. This revolutionary method of treating keratoconus enables the patients to get their sight brightness back and the stabilization of the disease. Dr. Knezovic finished the special training in the field of laser treatment of keratoconus and individual laser treatment of irregular retails (topo-guided procedure) at one of the most famous surgeons in that area, professor Kanellopoulos, who works at the prestigious University of New York Medical School and is a global ambassador for Wavelight.

Professor Kanelopoulos and dr. Knezovic in Athens



Knezovic and his team of experts are regular lectors at the greatest European professional gatherings in fields of laser diopter removal and cataract surgery ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons)


Milan 2012.

First Author: I. Knezovic

Amsterdam 2013.

First Author: I. Knezovic

London 2014.

First Author: I. Knezovic

Istanbul 2015.

USA 2015.

Our scientific work has been accepted and published in one of the greatest publication consortiums worldwide, with strict international review (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Acceptance rate about 30%), titled:

“Late Stage of Corneal Decompensation Caused by Progressive Keratoconus: Can We Treat It and Save the Cornea?”

The theme of the work is a patient who suffers from progressive keratoconus on both of his eyes, with a decompensated and very thin retail, whose disease we managed to stop, regulate the retail and significantly improve sight sharpness.

Eye sharpness increased from the start of 5% to the finish of 70% during 12 months of observation!


Acta Clinica Croatica 2015.

The source scientific work about the method that dr. Knezovic implemented in Croatia has been published – Athens protocol. It’s about combined individual laser operations and corneal cross-linking of patients who suffer from keratoconus.

The title of scientific work: Partial Topography-Guided Photorefractive Keratectomy followed by Corneal Cross Linking in the management of progressive keratoconus: our initial ten-month result


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Barcelona 2015.

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